Essential Oils for Flu | Tips for Rapid Recovery

Essential Oils for Flu | Tips for Rapid Recovery

With this year’s flu season being marked as the worst in nearly a decade, I feel lucky that my family has not been taken down! I’m not sure how many of us are getting out unscathed but there are calculated ways to hopefully prevent and (at the very least) endure the tail end of the season with a bit more ease.

essential oils for flu

Essential Oils for Flu | Tips for Rapid Recovery

When it comes to getting sick, I hear a lot of people say something to the effect of “it was bound to happen” or “I guess it’s making the rounds” like they picked an unlucky lottery ticket. But in actuality, there are a few more variables that calculate into this equation than most people may not consider.

Our bodies have innate intelligence and if given the resources, in the words of B.J. Palmer (father of chiropractic), “the power that made the body heals the body. It happens no other way.”

Here are few tips to hopefully ensure a rapid recovery!


Crazy enough, stress can have a positive or negative effect on the body and it all comes down to how we perceive it. If we view stress from a positive perspective, that whatever we’re going through or dealing with is helping us to progress, be better or serving the higher good, our body will actually respond well.

The best example being exercise. Unfortunately the opposite is true as well.  When we believe we are in over our head, don’t know how we’re going to get through a situation or can’t wait for this strain to be over, stress can take a serious toll on our health. The first and foremost place it will hit: our immune system. First step to avoiding the flu…change our perspective and look for ways to lessen the stress load.


Sleep is the time your body uses to heal, recover and reset its defenses. There are studies that show that not getting enough sleep increases the chances of getting sick or catching the flu. Not to mention your ability to recover once you have it.

You can link to my blog on sleep for more tips on this here. My favorite oils to help with sleep are Happy Sleep and Hemp.


I’m not sure why this is such a difficult concept for some but what you take into your body directly effects the way your body performs! According to a 1973 study done by Loma Linda University, when you eat 100 grams of sugar (about as much sugar as you find in a 1 liter bottle of soda) your white blood cells are 40 percent less effective at killing germs. You can cripple your immune system for up to 5 hours after eating sugar! Is it any wonder that people get more sick around the holiday. 

Of course, make sure you’re not only eliminating the bad but taking in more dense nutrition – fruits, vegetables and whole foods rather than the quick and easy processed meals. Be sure to increase your vitamin C from a whole food source for best absorption and results. Make sure your vitamin D levels are good, many people drop during the winter due to the lack of sun exposure.

Use your Essential Oils for Flu

When it comes to the flu and getting sick you want to hit all angles:  be using your roll-ons as well as diffusing. I’ll even add a drop of the Happy Immunity  (full-strength) to my toothbrush when I brush my teeth. This is definitely too strong for children but something that has worked well for me. 

Happy Immunity is made from oils know to be antibacterial AND antiviral making it a powerful tool to fight sickness. Many times you have to use what you have on hand so here’s a few common oils that may already be in your collection and why they are great for flu season:

eucalyptus: respiratory congestion & reduce pain

orange: stimulates immune system, nausea and help reduce fever

palmarosa: cooling, calming, anti-bacterial, stimulates immune system, help reduce fever and pain

black pepper: help reduce pain, stimulates immune system, help reduce fever, expectorant

peppermint: respiratory congestion, help reduce fever, reduce pain

lemongrass: stimulates immune system, help reduce fever

chamomile roman: help reduce fever, calming

The Original Oil Shop Essential Oil Blends for Flu

In addition to Happy Immunity, try Happy Head, Happy Breathing and Happy Relief for your flu symptoms as well! 

While there are always many natural remedies to try, always contact your health care practitioner if you have concerns. 

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