Tips & Tricks That Will Get You and Help You Stay Asleep

Tips & Tricks That Will Get You and Help You Stay Asleep

The oil I get the most requests for is one to help with sleep. Honestly, I always knew that I struggled with sleep but had no idea that it was such a universal problem. If you fall into this category too than lucky for you, I’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks that have helped me in the past. Some are possibly unique, some totally cliche, but hopefully at least one or more of these will help you catch some Zs!

9 Natural Sleep Aids with The Original Oil Shop 

#1 Be Demanding

I must admit, this is not something I came up with myself. I got this idea from something I’ve heard Tony Robbins talk about—only I reversed it. One of Tony’s tricks he uses before he goes on stage to speak, is to command his subconscious and mind to give him strength and help people to change their lives. I can’t speak as to the effectiveness of this (seems to work for him, though!) because I’ve only tried the exact OPPOSITE. When I just can’t seem to relax and fall asleep, I command my body and mind to assume a state of total relaxation. I can’t tell you why exactly, but there are times when I’ve had to make this a “humble request” instead of a demand. Either way, I’ve had a lot of success with this method. Give it a try and let me hear which way works for you! 

Jin-Shin Jyutsu Sleep aid

#2 JSJ

If you haven’t heard of Jin-Shin Jyutsu, seriously, check it out now! There’s way more to it than this simple concept, but this has been enough to help me sleep at different times when I have struggled. The belief is that each of your fingers are associated with different “attitudes”. Thumbs are WORRY, index fingers are FEAR, middle finger are ANGER, ring fingers are GRIEF, and pinkies are “TRYING TO” (pretense or pretending). Gently holding the finger can help to release this stuck energy or emotion, thus relaxing your body. When I can’t sleep, I will go through each finger, holding each one for a minute or two or until I feel ready to move to the next. Inevitably, there is always one finger that will totally relax me and put me to sleep. Sometimes it will even surprise me which emotion needs releasing. You may be surprised to see what you have been holding on to. 

Breathing to get to sleep faster with The Original Oil Shop

#3 Breathing

Yes, you’ve heard it a hundred times, but deep breathing is scientifically proven to help you in numerous ways. One of them is relaxing your body. It’s been said a hundred times because, guess what, it works!! Just do it. Try it now, breathe in, breahte out... Feeling better already, right?

Exercise to Sleep Better with The Original Oil Shop

#4 Exercise

Embarrassingly enough, there have been times in my life when I’ve gotten little to no physical activity during the day, so naturally, my body didn’t feel exhausted enough to fall asleep at night. You know the cycle: you’re up all night TRYING to sleep, but you can’t so you end up sleeping late into the day, making it difficult to fall asleep the next night. I can’t believe the difference it makes when I really get the exercise my body craves. Sometimes I can’t stay awake past 10:00 pm. I promise, this has been a game changer for me.

Meditation before bed for better sleep

#5 Meditation/Happy Place

I saw a little video clip on the Headspace app last year about how to observe and acknowledge your thoughts instead of getting stuck inside them. The video was basically a train going by and each train car is a different thought. I learned how to just watch it go by instead of hopping on the train. Michael Neill has books about this with different visuals and Kyle Cease calls this place “Deep Down”. For me, I picture several lanes of trains going by in front of me, and if I can just make my way past the trains, on the other side I see the endless ocean all around me. I acknowledge each train as I move past it and just observe it without judgement.That endless ocean is my happy place where I can just play and be still. No worries in that space because it’s all behind me. This works great for me for meditation but there are nights I need to do this to fall asleep as well.

Natural Ways to Get To Sleep Faster and Sleep Better with The Original Oil Shop

#6 File it away

A busy mind is usually the cause of my insomnia. Here I have another visual that helps me organize my thoughts so I feel less overwhelmed. I picture myself surrounded by filing cabinets and each time a new thought comes into my mind, I imagine I am opening a drawer and filing it away for the night. That way I’ll know right where to find it in the morning when I can actually do something about it. Sound silly? Maybe, but I’m willing to try just about anything at 2:00 am. File it away. I promise it can wait until morning. 

Lavender Oil to Sleep Better with The Original Oil Shop

#7 Essential Oils

Seriously, did you think I wouldn’t mention oils?? There are many oils that have been
scientifically proven to help calm the nervous system and the brain. I have created a blend called Happy Sleep that has been effective for many people. But when in doubt, Lavender and Frankincense are two of my favorites. Steer clear of stimulating and energizing oils (especially peppermint) before bedtime. A drop on your pillow or a diffuser in your bedroom can be wonderful to induce a calm and restful sleep.

Restless Leg Syndrome help with The Original Oil Shop

#8 Help your Circulation

Do you suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome? My husband does and one night he came up with a trick that works wonders for him. He realized that his feet were always hot and he needed something to keep his feet cool. If he could keep his feet cool than it seemed to calm his legs down. He tried lotion and a fan but he finally tried wetting a pair of socks and putting them on his feet and that did it! It sounds absolutely crazy but I recently read an article about how wearing cold socks can actually help your body fight viruses because it stimulates your blood circulation. I’m not a doctor by any stretch of the imagination, but I wonder if leg circulation was part of the RLS problem so the wet socks work in a similar way.

Sugar with Spoon Better Sleep Blog

#9 Say Goodbye to Sugar

I’m normally quite the sugar addict but last fall I actually went four months without sugar. There are a million reasons to reduce your sugar intake and a million articles and tips to help you in accomplishing this. Let me just say, I felt wonderful! There were tons of benefits but one of my favorite was sleeping better. Just saying. Sleep is absolutely essential for healthy living and there is nothing quite as healing as a good night’s rest.

I would love to hear if any of these tips are helpful to you and, of course, if you know of any other tricks you use in your life please pass them along! Here’s to us all getting some shuteye and feeling AWESOME tomorrow!!!  Here's to a good night's sleep! 

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