A Walk in the Woods Aromatherapy Spray

A Walk in the Woods will make you feel like you are doing just that. The earthy, spruce, fir and pine captivate the senses and provide a deeply grounding experience. Nature has always been a great source of meditative energy, and now you can bring that energy into your home. 

Pine is a natural detoxifier and stimulates blood flow, while spruce and fir are great for their antibacterial properties and respiratory aid. Elemi comes from the tropics and is a immune system booster and stress reducer. There is a hint of orange, which lifts the mood and helps with the symptoms of depression. With all that in mind, you can feel good about bringing the forest to you.

Our Aromatherapy Sprays can act as a room spray, a light body mist, or a linen spray. With no harsh chemicals added, our products are safe for your home, body, and mind.

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